Link Now for Static

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Evaluate your print, outdoor and point of sale ads in as few as 6 hours
Link Now is a validated creative testing solution that evaluates your ads, quickly and cost-effectively, so you know if they are strong enough before they go live.
It shows your ad’s ability to attract and hold people’s attention and the likelihood of it building predisposition and the intended brand associations in the short- and long-term

Use Link Now for Static to:

  • Quickly understand the strength of your ad
  • See how your ad compares to competitors’ ads
  • Test different versions to see which will best achieve your goals.

Part of Kantar’s world-leading Link creative testing suite, Link Now is supported by an unrivalled database of over 200,000 ads, and is validated to predict sales and help build your brand.

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What's Included
Snapshot and detailed comparisons of your results via an online dashboard and a downloadable PowerPoint presentation covering:
Sample output for Link Now for Static Main Ad Summary
Main Ad Summary
A simple, colour-coded snapshot showing at a glance how each ad performed versus norms across key metrics.
Sample output for Link Now for Static Engagement Summary
Engagement Summary
Measures to understand the ad’s creative impact: how well it captures people’s attention and how strongly it links to your brand.
Sample output for Link Now for Static Brand Associations
Brand Associations
Shows how strongly the associations you want your ad to build will stick in people’s minds.
Sample output for Link Now for Static Predisposition - Persuasion
Predisposition - Persuasion
See how your ad will drive short-term sales through persuasion, amongst different user groups.
Sample output for Link Now for Static Predisposition - Equity
Predisposition - Equity
Understand if your campaign will build meaningful and different associations for your brand. Brands that are meaningful, different and salient command a greater market share, are more likely to grow and can charge a premium.
Sample output for Link Now for Static Detailed Metrics
Detailed Metrics
A detailed look at each metric, with a granular comparison of all the ads you’ve tested.
Sample output for Link Now for Static Summary Measures
Summary Measures
Summary metrics calculated with our unique validations to assess the ad’s likely effectiveness: Impact Score, Short-Term Effects, Likelihood score and the Meaningful Difference (Power) score.