eValuate Express

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Optimise winning concepts - fast

eValuate Express helps you identify concepts with the most top-line growth potential and shows how to optimise them to maximise success - in as few as 48 hours.

Use eValuate Express to:

  • Know which concepts generate strong consumer interest and what is appealing to consumers
  • Identify concepts with the most top-line growth and understand their impact on your portfolio
  • Effectively target the consumers most likely to buy
  • Understand how to optimise your concepts to deliver maximum impact

eValuate Express is part of Kantar’s validated concept testing suite. With predictive measures and benchmarking against an extensive database, it is proven to improve innovation success rates by 50%.

Extensive diagnostics capabilities provide clear guidance for concept optimisation.


Let us set up your study and take you through the results


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What’s Included

Results are available in a PowerPoint presentation showing how your concepts perform against an 8 point diagnostic framework, and how they can be optimised.

Sample output - KPI Scoreboard Summary

KPI Scoreboard Summary

Results at a glance on key performance indicators and diagnostic measures. Traffic light coding benchmarks results against Kantar’s database to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Sample output - Concept Classification

Concept Classification

Each concept is classified into one of six groups based on how it has performed for clear direction on next steps.

Sample output - Trial


Shows the overall market potential (trial) based on 100% of awareness and distribution against database norms.

Sample output - Incremental Trial

Incremental Trial

Shows real growth potential (incremental trial) for each concept against database norms.

Sample output - Diagnostic Measures

Diagnostic Measures

Each concept is assessed against 8 key diagnostic measures; purchase intention, uniqueness, value, relevance, clarity, believability, appeal and excitement.

Sample output - Profiling Trialists

Profiling Trialists

Shows the profile of trialists for each concept to guide targeting for future development and communication.

Sample output - Concept Highlighter

Concept Highlighter

Identifies strengths and weaknesses of a concept to help you optimise concept appeal.

Sample output - Likes / Dislikes

Likes / Dislikes

Understand your concepts strengths and weaknesses with verbatim likes and dislikes to help improve your concepts.

Sample output - Concept Imagery

Concept Imagery

Shows how concepts are perceived on key image dimensions to help improve concept communication.

Sample output - Projected Usage (optional)

Projected Usage (optional)

Compare the performance of up to 8 concepts in terms of projected usage, image attributes and usage occasions.