Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Kantar Marketplace?

Kantar Marketplace is the only on-demand platform that combines high quality sample, validated solutions, self-serve custom surveys and expert consulting. At launch, it provides several key solutions. Over time, it will be updated to represent Kantar’s range of capabilities and solutions.


Which solutions are available?

We are starting with Kantar’s creative development solutions.

* Link Now for TV, Static and Digital will be available ‘self-serve’ through Marketplace

* Link Express for TV, Static and Digital are available ‘serviced’ through Marketplace

* Facial Coding is currently in the development plan. Please contact your client service team if you need to add this to your Link Now

Over time, we’ll add additional solutions so watch out for new developments coming soon!


Which countries does Kantar Marketplace cover?

Most of Kantar’s solutions are available in multiple countries with additional countries being added over time to meet client needs. Contact our customer service team for more information.


What if I need support?

Use the "?" button available in the lower right corner, across the platform, to trigger a support request at any point. We will have trained regional client support teams who will pick up and quickly respond to any support requests.


Link Now and Link Express


How will my results be reported?

Your results will be delivered via our Link Dashboard which is free for all our Link clients. The Dashboard is a library for all your tests and enables various features to analyse the data and compare test results. There is also the ability to download Excel and PowerPoint outputs for a single piece of content or compare up to 5 pieces of content in one report.

Who will be able to see the results?

All self-serve projects will be kept in a personal user dashboard.

If you purchase ‘serviced’ studies from a Kantar team, they will be able to see the results. Further, your Kantar team will work with you to establish ‘who sees what’ within your client organisation and within Kantar to ensure this aligns with your structure.


If I have used Kantar’s Link solution in the past, either directly or through a different platform, will these results be available on the Link Dashboard?

Yes, results will be available for any Link conducted from January 2014 onwards.


How will my measures be reported?


In the snapshot and compare view:

Most measures are reported as percentiles, that is, the percentage (rank) position at which a score sits in the relevant normative distribution. For example, a score at the 80th percentile reflects the value above which the top 20% of all scores achieved fall. Percentiles allow quick and easy comparisons of scores across different questions with different scales and norms. There is an alternative view which allows you to look at mean scores for certain measures too.


In the PowerPoint report?

In addition to percentiles, you will receive percentage scores for scale questions and where relevant the mean score will also be reported.


What sample should I choose?

We recommend that you choose a sample which represents those who account for 70% of your category sales. The sample should also reflect the broad audience that will be exposed to the ad i.e. the media target. Avoid samples that are too narrow as they are unlikely to allow you to accurately predict the likely effect in market.


How do I select a specific sample target?

You can request custom sample target to be created for you at no additional cost. We will first check and confirm the feasibility and then set it up in your Kantar Marketplace account to be used on your projects.


Where does your sample come from?

We primarily use the Kantar's Profiles Division for our solutions but supplement this with other sources based on the country and the project requirements.


Surveys & Polls


What is the DIY Survey tool?

Kantar is currently working on a real-time survey tool where you can choose a targeted consumer audience, create a quick survey, and get answers in real-time. We’re currently putting together a list of people interested in being part of the private beta. Click here to sign up. 


What are Quick Polls?

A Quick Poll is a single question sent to about 1000 randomly selected people from Kantar’s panels. You can target a specific country or multiple countries and start to get answers back in minutes. Charts and graphs are available for you to export and all information is put into a database available to all customers for search purposes. Kantar’s Quick Poll tool is currently available for private beta customers – click here to sign up. 




What data is currently available for search purposes?

Our database of Quick Polls is currently available for customers to search. We’ve been collecting thousands of quick poll questions internally and are now making that available for customers to search and add in their own questions. This tool is currently available for private beta customers – click here to sign up. Over time we’ll be adding in more data sources as they become available.



Our customer service team can answer questions on how each of the solutions will be billed.